A Transcription of Kelly's 1937 Trade Directory 


Private Residents

  • Mrs Brown, The Folley

  • Charles Eric Spencer Bullen

  • Charles Henry Bullen, M.D., Admiral's House

  • Miss Coverdale, Ivy Cottage

  • Herbert Arthur Hope

  • William Lofthouse, Ivy Dene

  • Miss Maskill, Wellington House

  • Mrs Newman, Wellington House

  • Rev. Herbert William Smith (Vicar), The Vicarage

  • Miss E. Tindall, The Hollies


  • Alexian Brothers' Home for Aged Gentlemen (Stillington Hall)

  • William Snowden Appleby, Farmer & Post Office

  • Robert Atkinson, Motor Engineer

  • Arthur Nicholas Barker, Fox Inn

  • Robert Daykin Barningham, White Dog Inn

  • The Brandsby Agricultural Trading Association

  • Charles Eric Spencer Bullen M.R.C.S. Eng., L.R.C.P.Lon., Physician & Surgeon

  • Charles Henry Bullen, M.D., B.S. Lon., M.R.C.S. Eng., L.R.C.P. Lon., Physician & Surgeon, Public Vaccinator & Medical Officer Stillington Dist., Bulmer Guardians' Committee

  • Mrs Frances Burnett, Blacksmith

  • Thomas Batty Cass & William Cass, Farmers, Mowbray House

  • John Lambert Caygill, Farmer, Blackwoods

  • William Joseph Coldbeck, Farmer, Manor Farm

  • Charles Dobson, Farmer, Stillington Grange

  • Edward Dunn, Grocer

  • John William Ellis, Farmer

  • Mrs Annie Gibson, Water Miller, Stillington Mill

  • Ernest William Hawkswell, Farmer

  • Edward Hope, Coal Dealer

  • Hugill Brothers, Joiners

  • John Best Hutchinson, Grocer & Clerk to the Parish Council

  • Colin Kay, Haulage Contractor

  • Robert Kay, Haulage Contractor

  • Ernest  G. Kerrison, Bay Horse Public House

  • Henry Knowles, Farmer, New Grange

  • Sidney Metcalfe, Butcher

  • Hugh Morse, Blacksmith

  • Arthur North, Bootmaker

  • John William Redshaw, Farmer, Home Farm

  • Harry Algie Richardson, Farmer

  • James Ireland Richardson, Farmer, West Lane

  • Walter Smith, Farmer, Church Farm

  • Arthur E. Souter, Grocer

  • Herbert Sparrow, White Bear Public House

  • Frederick William Walker, Farmer, Glebe

  • Wellington House Guest House (Miss L. Maskill & Mrs M. Newman, Principals)

  • Richard Wood & Sons, Builders

Post, M.O., T & T.E.D. Office. Letters arrive from York.

There is an omnibus service between Stillington & York daily.


B.A.T.A Shop c1920
B.A.T.A Shop c1920
Mr J.B.Hutchinson manager of B.A.T.A stores.
J.B.Hutchinson Stores c.1970
J.B.Hutchinson Stores c.1970
Hutchinson's stores were an old style village shop where anyone could buy anything - they sold groceries, animal feed stuffs, hardware, paint and wall paper as well as being newsagents.
Woods the Builders
Woods the Builders
Richard Wood & Sons Builders c1920
Atkinsons Garage and Shop
Atkinsons Garage and Shop
Robert and Annie Atkinson can be seen in the photo. They sold petrol, oil, groceries, ice cream, fish and chips and also ran a cafe and bakery. c1932.
Stillington Garage and Shop
Stillington Garage and Shop
Robert and Annie Atkinson can be seen in the photo, taken early 1930s. Oil, fuel, groceries, ice cream, bakery, and fish and chips were sold from the premises.
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