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The Tragic Tale of a Poor Pony (and the Tale of a Fine Man)

While searching for information on Stillington, Marton and Moxby we sometimes come across long forgotten newspaper articles (often from long forgotten newspapers!) which are interesting enough to include on our website
The title of this item is a paraphrase of a headline dating from 1919 and the article beneath it relates why Ned Gibson of Stillington Mill won a silver medal from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and why he thoroughly deserved it.

Some farm buildings caught fire, and by the time it was noticed they were well ablaze. A large crowd gathered, trying to save any implements and equipment, when it was seen that there was a pony tied up in one of the buildings and was struggling to get free. As there was debris from the burning roof falling down into the stable, and some bags draped on the pony's back for rugs were already alight, it was felt that the poor beast was beyond saving.
Until Ned Gibson saw the pony.
Saying 'I can't bear to think of the pony being burnt alive. I shall try to rescue it, if I lose my life,' he took a borrowed knife and dashed into the inferno.  Cutting the pony free he dragged it to safety, where its wounds were tended to. Unfortunately the pony was too badly burnt to be saved and had to be destroyed the next day.
A medal wasn't more deserved.


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