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Stillington and District Community Archive

In the Heart of North Yorkshire


1901 - 1907

Oct 1901

14th An improved attendance.   Admitted: Peter Darley aged 3 ½.

15th Elementary sci lesson (II fruits)

17th Elem sci lesson (timber)

18th Attendance not quite so good. L. A. North potato picking & M. Horner at home all week. Attendance of Infant Class very good. General work preceding satisfactorily.

25th An improved attendance this week. Fred Waites removed to Sutton. Alice Scaife left and gone to church school.

Lists sent in for committee meeting: Arithmetic St VI finished simple interest. ST V working at practice. ST IV mult & Div (weight) ST III mult & Div (money) ST II four simple rules (money) St I short division. Writing & composition improving. Spelling continues weak. Other subjects more satisfactory.

Nov 1st Register tested and found correct. R Sturdy. Attendance lower again towards the end of the week partly owing to sickness (2 cases) Examined school in all subjects. More improvement in arithmetic in all classes except St IV. Spelling still weak.

4th Received form 17 A (V3) from Mr Farrer. It contains the following particulars regarding the Aid Grant received for the current year.

Amount of Grant £25.

Purposes for which it is made:

A. Teaching power. To maintain the present charge for salaries £6

B. Equipment New flooring (cost £10) £9

New desks & apparatus (cost 12) £6

Sets of new readers £4

8th A more regular attendance especially in the first class. Two parents fined at Easingwold magistrates (North & Horner) for keeping children away last month. Maggie Appleby away ill all week. Work proceeded as usual according to T. Tables.

12&13th Two terribly stormy days. But all children present except for 4 infants.

15th Attendance fallen considerably during the last two days. Work proceeded as usual, but would be even more satisfactory if I had a teacher (a mistress even) for Infants.

22nd Av attendance 29.4 (a slight increase) El Sci Lessons during week on clouds & rain. St V commenced compound practices. St IV revision & problems. Geog of India in Group 1, and English manufactures Group 2. Infants taken most of the week by Mrs Stafford.

27th Half Holiday. Wedding in chapel.

29th Av attendance 30.6 Admitted W. Norman on Friday morning, but family removed back to Leeds the following day. Work as usual 1st class attendance & work much improved. Infants also making progress.

Dec 2nd A grand meet at village this am. School opened & registers marked, but managers recommended that the children should see the start. Therefore this morning’s attendances all cancelled in registers.

6th Visit E H Howard. Attendance for the week 30.8. A slight increase on last week.

9th Admitted Margaret, Kate & Emma Harkner from Leeds, in St 4, 2, and 5 respectively. Now living at Marton, 3 very bright girls.

13th Weekly av. Att. 32.5. Latter half of week wild & wet (snow) which causes attendance to be lower than it otherwise has been. Work proceeding satisfactorily.

19th Registers checked and found correct Joseph Lumley

20th School closed for Christmas Holidays (4 o' clock) Two weeks holiday this year. Attendance good in last week (School Bazaar held 26th & 27th)


Jan 6th Reopened school. 27 present in am, 33 in pm. Weather very mild.

10th Av att for week 33.1. This is an improvement. Work re-commenced and got nicely on the way again. Children seem on good form. Admitted a new boy, John Fieldhouse, from Marton. Not definitely sure he will be here after March. Staying with an Aunt.

17th Another week’s work satisfactorily completed. Av att 32.9. Early part of week bitter cold.

Feb 11th Half holiday. Shrove Tuesday.

Drawing Group 1 freehand scale. Geometry

Group2 freehand and ruler copies

Physical training (both groups in 1) schedule iii new code.

Singing Sol-fa grades I, II & III (one group)

Reading from primers & reading sheets. Alphabet.

Writing Capital & small letters. Words of one syllable. Elements of letters.

Arithmetic Oral only. Add & Subj of simple numbers. Figures & numbers to 100 or to 20.

Kindergarten Mosaic work. Word Bdg. Mat weaving. Disc laying. Stick laying. Drawing (slates). Colouring with crayons Recitation simple rhymes Drill easier exercises with upper group. Musical bells. Needlework see scheme. 20 object lessons: horse, cow, sheep, pig, mouse, hen & chickens, rook, goose, bees, a book, lead pencil, slate, chalk, flowers, leaves, sugar, orange, nuts, tea, butter, cheese.

14th Av att 31.5. An improvement of 3 on last week. Received new geog readers ( Brit Isles) Palmeston Readers, Arithmetic & other material from Storys.

20th & 21st school closed for two days due to entertainment. Av att 31.5 as last week.

24th 32 present in am 34 pm. Mrs Sturdy kindly sent oranges for the children in the afternoon.

28th Received new Di Bands. Av better this week 32.2. Children now fairly settled down to work. Sci lessons on water in 3 states. Infants making progress in reading & writing. K. Harkner away ill with sore feet. C Burnett also under Doctor. Readmitted Fred Waites on Feb 26th from Sutton National.

Report for the year ending 31st Jan 1902.

‘The present teacher has effected improvement in both the order and attainment. He has had much to do and it is to his credit that the school is now in a fair state of efficiency. The stove pipe is unsatisfactory.’

I am to request the manager to state whether the sum of £27.12.8. on page 3 of form 9 was expended on account of repairs to buildings or rent of school buildings.

Mr Stafford will receive his certificate in due course. Signed John Farrer Date March 1st

Mar 7th Av att for week 31.5, rather lower owing to J North and M Horner being ill. & M A Thornton away from home. Elem Sci Lessons on water and air. Other subjects satisfactory. Readmitted F Waite from Sutton.

14th An improved average 34.5. The best for a long time. Elem Sci lessons on atmosphere and slate. Isabella North away ill all week.

17th Att up to 37. 18th Record 39. One of our infants been admitted to the other school contrary to agreement (Peter Darley). Wrote to Mr Bennett about it.

21st A week of lovely weather. Av att 35.9. Flossie Ellis ill for 3 days. P Darley not sent back yet from other school. Satisfactory progress in all subjects. Elem sci lessons on 'Coal' and 'Slate'.

27th Av att 30.3, a decrease of nearly 6 points. This is partly owing to several cases of sickness. ( L Appleby and F Denton absent all week. G Ellis & F Ellis 2 days. C Suffell and F Hawkswell absent greater part of the week (5 & 4 days respectively) without an excuse.) Special attention given to writing & spelling. Standard 1 very weak. Closed on Thursday until Wednesday morning for Easter Holidays. Peter Darley still attending Church School contrary to agreement, therefore agreement nullified from present date March 27th.

(PS Agreement was to the effect that children should not be taken from one school by the other, with the exception of a number of Wesleyan Scholars who left during 1899-1900)

June 2nd School closed for day on account of master being ill.

3rd School open 37 present in am 38 pm

5th Admitted Ernest Hawkswell aged 8, St I, from National School.

6th Av Att 37.5, a decrease of 1 point. Mary & Kate Dennis, and Wm Mattison ill all week. Elem Sci Lessons on 'Butterfly'. Closed at 3 on Friday. (registers closed at 1 prompt)

12th Had to go to York at 2.30. Mrs Stafford in charge from 2-4.

13th Av att 36.7. The decrease owing to severe weather. Several children being ill with colds. L. A. North absent all week no excuse.

19th Record att. 44 present out of 45. Av att 41.1, the highest for over a year. Elem Sci Lessons on leaves. Ordinary work proceeding satisfactorily.

24th Closed for Coronation Holiday. 3 Days.

July 4th Av att for week 35.5, the lowest this quarter. H Burnett - turnip hoeing. 3 of Ellis’s away 3 days. Lily Ann North absent all week.(14 this month) Elem Sci lessons on Duck & a Flower. Other work proceeding as usual per Time Table.

7th Admitted Lily Brown (5) not been to school before. New copy Bks, cut out paper etc ordered.

11th Av att for week 37. Lily Ann North left (age 14) Elem Sci lessons on a buttercup (flower) and life of a frog. Infants O L on the cat. St IV commenced proportion V div of fractions. Other work as usual.

17th Visit by E Barraclough. Needlework & drawing in the pm.

18th Wkly Av Att 37.9. Managers’ meeting on the 14th. Infants’ att lower. El Sci Lessons on 'Frog' . Infants on 'Grasses'.

23rd Needlework & drawing not taken. Mapping & transcription instead (reading).

25th Wkly av att 36.5, which is 1.4 down. J North & Mab Appleby absent 6 times. M. A. Thornton ill all week. Infants higher. Sci Lessons on grasses & Iron. New Copy books commenced on Wednesday. Weather very variable. Result: severe colds.

Aug 1st Registers closed at 1 today. Children left just after 3. Work carried on as usual according to TT. Martha Horner 14 on Thursday. Left to go into service. Clara Suffill also 14 on 2nd Aug. Wkly Av Att 36.2.

4th Admitted Arthur Spruce std 3, and Percy Dight Std IV. Both from Stillington C E School. P Dight formerly a scholar here (readmitted).

5th Admitted Delma Spruce std IV.

8th Wkly att 35.9. Several cases of sickness. Huby Show on Monday affected attendance. El Sci Lessons on insects & flowers.

12th Quarterly exam in morning. Sci lessons not taken. Other lessons as on TT.

15th Av At 38.9 (3 points better). Results of exam (summary) Class I reading 6 (below good) out of 15. Delma Spruce the poorest reader Std IV. Writing Good. Arithmetic Good. Class 2 Stds 3 & 2 Arith. V F Writing Good. Arithmetic and writing weak in St 1. Oral subjects, Good (on the whole)

21st Children’s photographs taken this afternoon by Mr Hodgeson of Cleckheaton (2 Groups) 43 present.

22nd Av wkly att 39.7. Better than last week. Registers closed at 1. Dismissed at 3 o clock. Church school broke up on Friday last, therefore our attendance is highly satisfactory.

27th Drawing & sewing not taken this pm. Word bdg and writing substituted.

28th Closed for holidays - 4 weeks. Aw wkly att 39.5

September 29th Reopened school this morning. Only 31 present. The school has been well dusted and cleaned during the holidays. Form 17A

25th Aug 1902

Total Grant Aid £28

Purposes for which it is made:

Teaching power To maintain the present charge for salaries £18

Equipment (Art 90 of code) Repairs to floors & stoves £5

Apparatus Desks & maps £5

The Bd of Education will require to be satisfied the Aid Grant has been expended on the purposes here specified. It is understood that the grant is made in respect of the current financial year only.

Oct 1st Holiday in the afternoon. Mr Sturdy’s sale.

2nd Mr Dale (attendance officer) called. Gave him names of several children absent all week. (2 or 3 working)

3rd Av wkly att only 33 8 children never been present viz Isabella North, Percy Dight, Tom Horner (all working) and 3 infants. John Fieldhouse from Marton gone home to his mother’s and Clara Suffell left (14)

6th Admitted Seth Fieldhouse from Pocklington std 3 aged 12.

10th Friday pm holiday. A much better attendance this week av 38.2. Percy Dight absent all week (working) Gerty Ellis absent 3 days. Enid Ripley (infant) in hospital. J Appleby absent all week. Several infants only attend spasmodically. Commenced fires this week.

17th Friday closed registers at 1. Let children go at 5 past 3. Av Att 38.3. Several children absent all week. A very wet week taken altogether.

24th Att very low again this week. Av only 34.8 as against 38.3. Sent off attendances to Easingwold for meeting today. Seth Fieldhouse gone back to Pocklington. Several boys potato picking - P. Dight, Delma Spruce, Lawrence North. Part of week. G. Ellis & L. North ill.

30th Attendance officer called. 3 warnings sent out on this month’s attendance viz Lawrence North, Percy Dight and Tom Horner.

31st Attendance very low again this week. Arthur North, Lawrence North, Percy Dight, Harry Burnett, Flossie Ellis have all been working part of this week.( H. Burnett ½ a day) Isabella North, Lilian Appleby, Maggie Harkner, Kate Harkner, Harry North all absent ill. Av for week 34.4. On roll 46.

Nov 3 & 4th School closed due to teacher’s illness (2 days)

7th Av wkly att 35.3 (a slight increase) Lil Appleby absent all week (away from home) Mag Harkner absent all week (mother ill) Teacher not been at all well during the week, but a good 3 days work done on all subjects. Could get on much better if I had an assistant of some kind for the younger children. Hope to have one next year. (Mr Bennett, the C E Teacher, died on 4th November)

14th Held quarterly examination today. Satisfactory results obtained in all subjects except arithmetic which continues to improve, but only slowly. Writing especially good throughout. 14th Av weekly att 39.6 an improvement of 4.5 on last week. Still room for improvement though. 32 children obtained weekly certificates this week for never being absent.

18th Holiday in afternoon.

21st Av wkly at 37.7, which is 1.9 points lower than last week. Admitted Tom Brown, 13, Std IV from Crayke C E school on Monday am. The bitterly cold weather prevalent during greater part of this week is accountable to a certain extent for decreased attendance.

26th Admitted Florence & Anice Wilkinson aged 4 (Twins)

28th Av att for week 39.7. Very real November weather during the week, wet, foggy and dark ( by about half past 3).

Dec 1st Morning only 34 present Afternoon 32

2nd Morning only 33 present afternoon 30

3rd Morning only 30 present afternoon 32

4th Morning only 30 present afternoon 29

5th Morning only 32 present afternoon 33 I have entered the above owing to the greater decrease in attendance. This has been caused by sickness amongst the children. The av for week is only 31.5 against 39.7 last week.

Dec 3rd Fred Waite left. Removed to Helmsley.

12th A much better av, esp among boys. For week 37.3. Several girls ill this week, who were at school last week.

19th Closed today for Christmas Holidays. 2 weeks. Av att past week 38.6. Slight improvement. School opened from 1 o clock until 3, registers being closed at 1 prompt.


Reopened Jan 5th 1903

Jan 6th Admitted Ernest Spruce St 1 aged 7 from - staying with his uncle George Spruce.

9th A wet snowy day and consequently a poor att (31) Av for week 35.9. Rather low.

16th A very cold week. Snow & frost every day and a consequent falling off in girls & infants attendances. Av for week 36.1.

23rd An improved av 37.4. Closed on Friday afternoon.

Schemes for 1903-4 made out, summaries forwarded per correspondent to H. M. S. Av would have been better if the weather had been brighter.

30th Av Att for week 37.3 Finished work for school year ending Jan 31st 1903. 

For the school year ending 31st Jan 1904

On roll: 24 boys, 25 girls

Staff: Albert Stafford, Head Teacher, certificated.

Needlework taught by Mrs Stafford.

Av att. 36 (including infants) Taught in 2 groups (scheme 1, new scheme) Infants taught by Head Master.

Arithmetic: scheme B English: See scheme 1, new code

Geog: Upper Group: Europe. Lower Group: England and Yorkshire in fuller detail.

English: Recitation, Edinburgh after Flodden (Upper)  The Inchcape Bill (lower)

Reading: Palmerston & Geographical Readers, Historical & one other (upper) Writing essays, letters, composition stories, transcription, dictation & spelling. Copy books for both groups.

P. E. From Model Course

Needlework New Code

Drawing Freehand & Ruler

Singing New Code (tonic sol-fa)

WE 6th Feb Av Att 36.5. Infants very low. New time tables received on Thursday morning. 9th New slates, ex books, chalk arrived. W. Mattison taken off register. Attending other school.

13th Av Att 36.3. Sickness chief cause of decrease.

16th Received Mr Dougall’s Arithmetic for Standards III. IV. V. VI. With answers. Also memory maps of Spain, France & Italy. I had sent in an order to the Committee for their meeting on Friday 6th for new reading books as follows Graphic Geographies for stds I. II. III. 1 doz each. “ “ for std V (Europe) 18 Palmerston Readers no IV 18 copies. & material for brush drawing. Although urgently needed for the new syllabus of work the ordering of them was deferred. Hence I cannot proceed satisfactorily with new work.

20th Av Att for week 37.7, an increase.

24th Shrove Tuesday; half-day holiday.

27th Av Att for week only 32.6. The decrease is mainly due to the cold, wet, windy weather which has prevailed during the week. Today has been the worst. Slates from the chapel roof falling and being a positive danger in girls’ yard.

March 4th Registers tested this afternoon & signed (38 present) Joseph Lumley

6th Av Att for week = 35.2. Registers closed at 1 this afternoon. Children leave at 3:10 pm. Many infants absent this week. Report due, but for IX returned on Feb 27th for correction.

11th Closed for the day. Furniture sent away.

13th Finish my connection with the school this afternoon, as Head Teacher. I have had 2 ¼ years of very hard and incessant work here, but feel amply repaid by the results obtained (as evidenced by the Government Report received only today) Notwithstanding the circumstances attending the severance of my connection with this school I go away with the satisfactory consciousness that I have done my duty in the school for the best interests of both scholars & managers.

13th Av Att for week 38. Albert Stafford, certified Teacher (2nd Div)

Copy of His Majesty’s Inspector’s Report. For year ending January 31st 1903.

“ The Master has done much good work here and the higher grant can now be recommended. The equipment should be improved. There is no suitable Teacher’s desk, nor needlework table, and additional good sized cupboard is required”

Signed - John Farrer.

16th March. Commenced my duties this morning as master. W J Bell.

20th This week av att 37. Working newly drafted timetable of my own.

23rd Miss Effie Hawkswell commenced duties as sewing Teacher.

27th Av 37. Marked 3 left - 1 over age and 2 left village.

April 4th. Av 40

9th closed this afternoon for Easter Holiday until April 20th Time extended of our Day School Bazaar & my removing.

20th Reopened this morning - Kitty Appleby returned to school, but she is over 15, I cannot mark her attendance.

May 8th entry struck out

13th Att very low this pm - 30. Officer has never been yet.

29th Royal Oak Day - only 29 children this am. No school this aft, Holiday (Whitsuntide) until June 8th.

June 8th Reopened this mrg. Gave out ‘excellent’ certificates for May.

17th Joseph Lumley, Manager - registers.

24th No school this aft in order that I might attend quarterly meeting.

July 2nd Work as whole is satisfactory. Last month’s results show up fairly well. Yesterday was the ‘appointed day’.*

9th Continual knocking in next yard: shed-building. Time table came back. Attendance officer paid first visit.

* North Riding C.C. Ed Committee.

20th Visit. Holiday in aft.

23rd Many boys off lately - in fields I think.

Aug 5th Miss Hawkswell off both times this week: ill.

6th Broke up this aft - holiday until 7th Sept. ‘Scarboro Day’ tomorrow.

Sept 7th Reopened this mrng. Very poor att today. One new inf.

16th Parcel - requisition ordered by Managers June 19th last.

18th Last evg I had first visit from new C.C. att officer - attendance lower since holidays.

25th received another parcel.

26th Wrote secretary (Northallerton) acknowledging goods and saying others had not yet arrived. Sent in monthly att. Returns.

Oct 2nd Rcd answer from Northallerton: urgent note been sent - I may record that there is a serious delay in the supply. Yest att off visited school & spoke to the children.

12th commenced fires.

16th put aft plays for Tues, Thurs & Fri between the last two lessons instead of former two.

21st Readmt 1.

22nd Att Off here.

30th School is in fair condition after stringent exam.

Nov 5th Major Richardson - infant- injured on the face & forehead by a stone thrown by a stranger lad. Addressed children on subject. Another portion of the goods arrived yest. Had an interim order sent a little while ago. Remainder arrived 12th.

13th Changed sewing the wk to today at Miss Hawkswell’s request, but she did not come - away from home.

16th Had visit from Mr Mennell, of NREC, concerning desk.

24th Att Off here - Have lost three bright children by removal from village.

Dec 7th New desk for my use arrived.

8th Distributed Owbridge Crayon Prizes.

11th Att Off here.

15th Readtd 1 infant.

22nd Holiday this aft - Quarterly mtg.

23rd Broke up this aft until Jan 5th 1904.


Jan 5th Reopened school.

7th Working new time table this week.

25th Att off called. Taking census in village.

26th Visit (am & pm) by HM Sub Inspector.

29th Gave usual ‘inspectors’ holidays this aft - sch yr closes.

Feb 1st New school year.

5th Recd major part of goods from Heywoods.

16th Shrove Tuesday - holiday aft - still waiting for some infant material - att off called.

26th Recd remainder for Heywoods.

29th Have established a marks list by which to gauge each child’s progress.

Mar 7th Att Off called.

10th HM report

“ The condition of the school has deteriorated since last year. Arithmetic in particular is weak and loose order during lessons displayed in some classes. General efficiency must considerably improve if the higher grant is again recommended. The boy’s playground is very muddy in wet weather, and an improper urinal provided. The school floor also needs repairing.”

So much for a hard effort at working out another man’s scheme & with attendance to boot, & goods delayed.

16th No sch this aft. Children’s tea at 4:30, & a very successful concert this evg.

17th No sch today.

24th Half std V this mrg.

25th Months % av attendance 92. Bks 34. Att 33.5. Av 31.4.

31st Sch closed tomorrow & Monday. Good Friday & Easter Monday.

April 5th Reopened sch.

11th att off her. Readmt 2 infants - but turns out one only visits village - so only 1 readmt.

19th Mr Lumley (manager) attended & signed registers.

27th Att off here. Adm another infant last week.

29th Have held first quarters exam this week. See record book. Months att % 92. Books 35. Att 34.6. AV 32.3.

May 13th Att off called twice.

20th no sch this aft. Whitsun Holiday until 30th.

26th Month’s % att 89 down 3. Bks 35. Attended 33.6. Av 31.3. 30th Reopened school. Att off here.

June 10th Have commenced a sch museum - several samples in.

15th recd visit from head att off & local att off. 1 infant admitted.

21st 1 infant admt.

24th Month att returns. 1. av att on reg 19.5, 15.75 = 35.25. 2. av attd 19.5, 15.75 = 35.25 3. av att 18.6, 14.3 = 32.9 4. av att % 95.38, 90.79 = 93.33 5. on reg 20, 20 = 40.

29th att off here. Miss Hawkswell absent, sent sister.

July 6th Miss H absent again - teeth drawn - sent sister again.

11th adm 1 infant.

14th att off here.

25th Mr Souter signed regs as correct.

28th sch closed yest & today. Annual festival & Scarboro trip.

29th Monthly att returns 1. 19.6, 17 = 36.6 2. 19.4 & 16 = 35.4 3. 17.48 & 14.9 = 32.38 4. 89.18, 87.64, 88.41 5. 23, 23 = 46

Aug 5th Rain beat thro open window one day this week making blots on my open register. No sch this aft. Holiday until Sept 12th.

26th Monthly att returns: 1. 20, 17, 37 2. 19, 17, 37 3. 16.7, 14.5, 31.3 4. 83.5, 85.29, 84.59 5. 5,4,9.

Sept 7th Parcel form Heywoods.

10th Find work was more satisfactory upon exam during last week sch open.

12th Reopened sch after 5 weeks holiday.

16th A fair att. This week.

23rd have adm 4 children named Cooper this week - Mr Lumley came & signed registers as correct.

26th adm fifth Cooper child.

28th Att off here. Brought property stamp.

Oct 1st Sept returns - 1. 20.66,18.33, 39 2. ditto 3. 19.2,16.31, 35.51 4. 92.93, 88.97, 91.05 5. 15+14 = 29

7th Adm 2 on Tuesday. First fire on Tues. Wks av 39.6

14th Att off here on M. During W mrg playtime a boy threw a firelight & ignited a neighbouring haystack. I congregated children in the vestry. Feared for some time that the bottom end of the schoolroom would catch, but happily by hasty exertions of people around the fire was overcome without damage to the schoolroom. Time lost from lessons between 11 & 12 - the Easingwold Fire Brigade came, but had difficulty in getting the right connection. This wk av 39.1.

21st Mr Souter (manager) providing wagon & man I took some children to a wild beast show at Easingwold. Sch closed. Av wk 40.5. Have made some alterations to the time table this wk in view of a new one.

28th Att off here on W. Exam today. See record book. Oct returns reg 43.5. Att 42.25. Av 38.69 % 88.94. Open 39.

Nov. 4th Admitd 1 infant on M. Att off called M. On Tues recd std III arithmetic after repeatedly writing. Remains of last order.

18th Att off here on M.

25th Snow has seriously affected this wks att. Started 1.15 on Tues. Nov returns - reg 41.75 att 40.5 av 37.4 % 89.58 open 40.

Dec 2nd att off here W. admit 1 W.

9th Fire Guard placed on W. “ “

23rd Miss Hawkswell in hospital - operation on her face - her sister attended for her on this wks sewing days. Broke up this mrg. Att returns for Dec. reg 42. att 40 av 36.51 % 89.92 open 39


Jan 10th R Souter examined registers & found them correct.

13th reopened M last - att off here on Tuesday. 20/1/05 J W Bell

27th Miss H absent (ill) last wk M - sister came. Att off been this wk. Att returns for month reg 39.66 att 37 av 34.83 % 87.82 open 30.

Feb 3rd Mr Lumley had signed registers this wk. New school year started on W. Returned to 1;30 on W.

9th Mr Sm??rs att off for Northallerton & local off visited.

22nd Mrs Douglas Smith called.

24th Att returns reg 40, att 36.75. Av 34.66. % 86.65 Open 36.

Mar 2nd Att off called.

7th Shrove Tuesday. Aft holiday.

17th The ½hr lessons from 1-3 on Tu, Thur and F inconvenient in practice I have altered them to 3/4 hr lessons, without altering the total time given to each subject.+ Am arranging the Annual Entertainment on Thurs evg March 30th.

+ back again Ap 18th

Copy of HM’s recent report :

Mixed & Infants - The master works in a painstaking manner and appears to be doing his best to improve the condition of the school. In recognition of these efforts the higher grant is again recommended though not without hesitation. The arithmetic in the lower standards if poor and the older children do not know their geography well. The Infants should be under better control; at present they are apt to fall into disorder when left, thus distracting to some extent the work of the older scholars”

20th Att off here.

31st Very successful concert last evg: not held sch this mrng as the room needed setting right - got to work this aft. Att returns reg 39.2. att 37.4 av 35.27 % 89.97 open 48.

April 7th Att off here on W - snow affected att today.

14th adm 4 children (Pickering) on M. Att low today.

20th Closed sch after this afts work until Mon May 1st for Easter Holiday.

26th Att returns Reg 42.33. Att 40.66 AV 37.07 % 87.57 open 28.

May 3rd Att Off Called.

8th readm Enid Ripley after being away from home - sick.

15th Admitd 5. Pickerings gone to a nearer sch - living so far out in fields.

19th School photograph.

26th att returns 1. 41.75 2. 39.5 3. 34.95 % 83.73 open 40.

29th Miss H off - sister came.

30th Att off here.

June 9th Much sickness about. Only 24 (40) present this mrg. Closed sch this aft for Whitsun Holidays.

19th Reopened. Att better.

21st Att officer called.

23rd Attendance dropped again during wk.

28th Att officer called twice.

30th Attendance has very seriously dropped this wk (sickness) In addition I have lost a family of 6 who have left the village. Month’s returns 1. 39 2. 34.5 3. 29.17 % 74.79 Open 40.

July 10th Att off here.

20th Still find it difficult to ??? all the arithmetic & rdg alone.

26th & 27th Annual School Treats. Scarboro.

28th Monthly returns 1. 33.25 2. 30.75 3 27.05 % 81.35 18/18/36

Aug 4th “ “ 32 32 25.2 % 78.75 5/5/10 Broke up this aft for holiday until Sept 11. Parcel from Heywoods.

September 11th Reopened sch today

15th att officer here M & W. Adm 3 this week.

22nd att off here on W.

25th adm 1

29th Att off here today. Returns 1. 34.33 2.33. 3.30.66 % 89.3 15/15/30 2/10/05 J W Bell.

Oct 27th Attendance off has made 5 visits this month. Miss H abs from duty on W 11th sent sister. Rearranged timetable.

HM’s Oct report:

‘discipline in the Lower Division should be much firmer’

Returns 1. 35.25 2.34.5. 3. 31.4. % 89.07 20/20/40

Nov 24th Two visits from att off this month - Mrs Douglas Smith over. Managers this aft (Nov 10th) New ventilator in boys’ closets etc been attended to. Returns 1. 35 2 34.5 3.32.1. % 91.71. 20/20/40

28th Mr G W ?? visited sch again.

Dec 22nd Att O been 3 times this month - closed sch this mrg until Jan 8th. Two weeks holiday. Returns 1. 33.75 2. 32.75 3. 29.79 % 88.26 20/19/39


Jan 8th Reopened sch this mrg. Two more children for the National Sch - undue influence.

10th Miss H off today & M - sent sister. C.C. Drill instructor here, went through some inside exercises with the children.

17th Att O called. Miss H off.

23rd Parliamentary Election Holiday.

26th Returns - 30, 29.66, 26.75 % 89.16 14/14/28.

Feb 23rd Att Off called twice this month.  First session in new Brush work today. Recd scheme & timetable (signed) this week. Rcd parcel from Heywoods on W. Returns 1. 29.5 2. 27 3. 25.52 % 86.51 20/20/40.

March 30th Miss H off 14th & 28th - sent sister. Att Off here on 7th & 29th. Returns - 30, 28.6, 26.18, 87.26% 25/24/49

April 29th Att Off twice this month. Miss H off 11th - sister came. Easter Holidays 13th (Noon) to 23rd. Returns 28; 27.66;24.33; 86.89% 14/13/27

May 28th Half holiday - Mrg 4th after Annual Entertainment - Aft Hol

May 24th Empire Day. First Quarterly exam on 15th Results fair.

29th Returns: 27. 25.25. 22.86. 84.66 19/19/38.

June 29th Sch closed Whitweek (June 4-8) Att O here twice this month. Returns - 22.62. 81.51% 20/20/40. Last wk readm Florrie & Anice Wilkinson - twins aged7. Tried them in St I but have been obliged to replace them in inf class for a while. Visitors.

July 28th Att O been twice this month. Returns - 29.25. 28.5. 24.22. 82.82% 20/20/40.

Aug 2nd - closed sch until Sept 10th - Harvest Holidays. Returns 30.29. 24.3. % 83.79 4/4/8.

Sept 10th reopened sch after 5 wks holiday. Sewing teacher abs this week - sick - sent sister.

21st Att Off called

29th Returns 30. 28.33. 25.13. 83.76% 15/14/29.

Oct 15th Att Off her on 3 & 8. On Oct 3 Miss H absent - sent sick note wh I forwarded to correspondent. The Wilkinson twins returned to Manchester. Last M commenced the system of individual bags for books etc. First fire this mrg.

23rd Att Off here today.

26th Returns: 27.75. 27.25. 23.57. 84.95% 20/20/40. 5/ix/06 J W Bell.

Nov 7th There appears to some sickness breaking out.

9th Take ½ hours (crayons etc) 7 afts for av exams - The whole of std III (4) absent all day; its att has been 13/40 for this wk. All standards 96/150. Stds & Infants during last 3 quarters - 305 mtgs, 2 came 304 times, 1-302, 1-296, 1-293, 1-292, 1-291: all rest less. The children now in the stds had 540 absences during the last 9 mnths, averaging 36 each = 3 3/5 wh besides holidays for each child. After preparing each days work at home, often I have come prepared with (amongst others) a special arith lesson for a particular std to be disappointed by absentees, & sometimes a whole std as per today. Foxhounds & other frivolous excuses are given.

12th att o here.

30th att form has arrived for monthly returns

Dec 5th Att O here - been ill.

6th last months returns - 27, 24.6, 19.88, 73.62%. 25/25/50.

17th Doctor examining children’s throats.


Jan 7th Reopened

14th New classes.

15th Att O here. Mr Costello, CC Drill Instructor here & expressed himself well satisfied with the children’s exercises.

18th Now when I take History 2 take rdg - some boys off today beating.

23rd Miss H absent - message - sick. Feel most unwell myself.

30th Miss H absent twice this wk - sick. Lately need to report as follows

‘ The children on the whole should be more attentive & should make greater effort to do their work properly. Arithmetic is poor throughout: a decided improvement in this subject will be expected during the coming year’

Feb 1st New sch year. Commenced attendance barometer. Returns (paper came late) 29.33, 27, 23.66, % 80.66 15/15/30

11th Miss H ill - sister came.

12th Shrovetide - aft hol. 25th Adm two children (Robinson) very backward.

March 2nd Feb returns - paper late: 30, 26, 24.28, 80.93%. 20/19/39 20th Bad att still.

25th District Council Election - aft hol.

28th Broke up this aft for Easter.

April 8th reopened. Att low this aft - a sale.

12th Recd att form for last month on W - returns 31.2. 29.6. 25.17. %80.67. 24/23/47. Officer not been since Jan 15th.

29th att officer came 15th, 17th & today. Att returns for 26th - 30, 29.3, 25.46. 84.86% 15/15/30.

May 1st Mr Burton - Nature Study - called today.

6th 3 irregulars - Robinsons - now trying other school.

7th Att O here.

17th Closed sch this mrg for Whit Hol until 28th

May. 31st reopened on Tues - att O here yest. Returns for May - 27.75. 27.5 24.05 86.6% 19/18/37.

June 3rd Readm Sam Smith

7th Arith slowly improving

13th Miss H off -sister came. Recd visit from Dr Newman - called Mr Souter in.

17th Miss H off - sister came. Same W.

18th Att O here.

21st ‘Common Things’ has been fairly grasped.

27th Att O here today & Tuesday.

27th Readm Joy Brown.

28th Returns - 28.25.  28. 25.  25.  89.02%  20/20/40.

July 9th Att O here.

11th Readm Algy Richardson.

12th Have lately paid very special attention to arith. Absences interfered.

26th Returns 30.5. 29.5. 24.5. 80.32% 20/20/40. On the whole during my tenure here attendance had only been moderate- whole standards many times being absent, & that when I especially wanted them in Arithmatic.

Aug 1 & 6 Att o here this wk. Returns for Aug 35% 4/4/8

September 9th School reopened this morning I take temporary charge. A Brooks (N. R. Supply Teacher)

School attendance officer called two or three names of children who have left been taken off the registers

13th attendance infants 66.6% older children 93.3%

17th Girls took sewing this afternoon instead of Wednesday - Miss Hawkswell wishing to be away.

18th Registers closed at 1:20 today - Easingwold Show.

23rd School Attendance Officer called.

30th Average Attendance for month = 20.83 percentage 89.23.

Oct 15th The children have a holiday tomorrow. The schoolroom being required for a teas etc in connection with the Harvest Thanksgiving Services of the Wesleyan Church.

The new council school is to be declared open tomorrow, Wednesday, by Colonel Legard, CB, the Chairman of the North Riding Education Committee. It will be open for the reception of scholars on Thursday morning the 17th inst.

All the books & class summary & admission registers, together with part of the stock have been removed today to the new school. The school furniture and the greater part of the stock is left here for the present. I have made a rough inventory, and enclose it in the stock & stores book.

I terminate my temporary engagement at this school today. Alfred Brooks.  



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