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Stillington and District Community Archive

In the Heart of North Yorkshire


We have gathered an impressive collection of photographs which is in the process of being painstakingly dated and indexed.
Some large groups of pictures and photographs merit a page all to themselves, like the extremely popular gallery portraying Stillington Hall from the late 19th century to its eventual demolition in early 1967. This page, which can now be accessed from a subpage connected to this one, is joined by similar groupings.
 More pages will be added as the cataloguing continues.
With grateful thanks to the following people who have allowed their photographs and postcards to be used by the archive:
  • Don Brown   (Stillington )
  • John Denton  (Stillington )
  •  Mary Drew   (Pocklington )
  • The family of the Late Bob Gibson (Stillington)
  • Dave Green   (Stillington ) 
  •  The family of the late Charles Hutchinson   (Stillington )
  • Dennis Law   (Stillington )
  • Peter Milburn  (Stillington )
  • Sheila Ridgway
  • John Sparrow Snr (Stillington )
  • Muriel Spruce (Stillington ) 
  • Phil Thurstans  (Stillington ) 
  • Helen Vester   (Easingwold )
  • Clive Hillen (Strensall )
  • Sam Morse (Stillington)
If you have any photographs or postcards of Stillington or Marton and are willing to have them copied to be included on this website please contact us. 

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