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Descendants of Admiral William Croft and Harriet nee Plumer

1. Harriet born and bapt 1/1/1806 at Stillington. Never married. Died 1894 at Wetherby.
2. Charles Hall bapt 6/1/1807 at Stillington. Entered the church. Was curate of Stillington and Roos. Died 1834 aged 27 at Stillington. Buried 10/1/1834 at Stillington.
3. Stephen William born 27/10/1808 bapt 29/10/1808 at Stillington. Joined the Madras Army Horse Artillery (part of the East India Company). Retired with the rank of Captain in 1839. He married Anne Swann, (1812-1891), daughter of Thomas Swan on 7/5/1835 at Holy Trinity, Micklegate, York. It doesn't seem to have been a happy marriage and they separated after 1851. Anne lived with her sister Harriet and her husband John Agar at Brockfield Hall near York. Stephen is listed as an East India Company pensioner on the 1851 - 1881 censuses. After 1861 he resided in Farlington, dying there in 1885 aged 77.  He was buried at Stillington on 31/12/1885 .
4. George Anderson born 16/7/1809 bapt 19/7/1809 at Stillington. He became a solicitor. Married Clara Sophia Oakes nee Muntz, the widow of Thomas Alexander Oakes (died 1840). They had no children. He died in 1869 and was buried on 12/5/1869 at Richmond, Surrey.
5. Eliza born 9/8/1811 bapt 29/10/1811 at Hull. Didn't marry.
6. Henry born 21/1/1813 bapt 23/12/1813 at Hull. Joined the Royal Navy and had a distinguished career.
Admiral Croft's obituary in the Army and Navy Gazette 6th February 1892
Henry married Margaret Robinson, daughter of Stillington's schoolmaster, Joseph Robinson. They married 6/5/1857 at St Michael's church, Toxteth Park, Liverpool. Henry was a captain at that time. Their one son and four daughters are:
  • Caroline Croft born 1858 at Bunbury, Cheshire. Bapt 6/2/1859. Married widowed wine merchant Charles Buswell in 1883. They had three children.
    • Charles Gerald Peter Croft Buswell born 1884
    • Henry Leslie Farmer Buswell born 3/12/1887 - 13/10/1964
    • Rhona Lucia Buswell born 1889
  • Harriet Maria Croft born 1860 at Bunbury, Cheshire. Bapt 1/7/1860. Died 1897. In 1880 married William Smellie Grahame (born c1858 New Zealand died 1905). Their only child :
  • Valerie Rhona Grahame born 1885
  • Elizabeth Lucy Croft born 1863 at Bunbury, Cheshire. Bapt 11/11/1863. Also known as Lucy Elizabeth. Married Herbert Frederick Hardman.  Their only child:
    • Rollo Croft Hardman born 28/12/1883 died 1965
  • William Henry Symonds Croft born 1865 Bunbury, Cheshire. Bapt 15/6/1865. Married Nelly Grahame in 1896. Their three daughters:
    • Elsie Nelly Croft born 1897
    • Amy Gertrude Croft born 5/3/1898 died unmarried 1977
    • Irma Isabell Croft born 1904
  • Gertrude Ethel Mary born 1867 Bunbury, Cheshire. Bapt 7/4/1867. Died 1939. Married Francis Washington Lethbridge on 28/1/1888. Their one daughter:
    • Marguerite Doris Roper Lethbridge born 1889 in Madras, India. Married Charles Egerton Forbes Milman-Mainwaring on 7/7/1915.
Their daughter:
  • Rosamund Irene Milmam-Mainwaring born 15/5/1916
7. Caroline Sarah born 6/5/1814 private baptised 18/5/1814 at Hull bapt again (publicly) 9/4/1822 at Hull. Maried Alfred Haffenden of Holmwood, Kent on 28/12/1843 at Stillington. Died 1848 and was buried 4/9/1848 at Tenterden, Kent. Alfred and Caroline's two daughters were brought up by their maternal grandparents at Stillington after Caroline's death until their father remarried .
  • Catherine Harriett Caroline Haffenden born 1844 Stillington. Bapt, privately, on 19/10/1844 at Stillington. Bapt. publicly 21/2/1845 at Langford, Nottinghamshire.
  • Charlotte Isabella Haffenden born 1845 Scarborough.  Married John Wilson,(c1836-1895), Curate of Stillington, on 29/12/1870 at Stillington.  The couple were given Royal assent to add Haffenden to their surname after the death of Charlotte's father.
Morning Post 3rd January 1872
John and Charlotte's children:
  •  James Wilson (later Wilson-Haffenden) born 22/10/1871 at Stillington. Died 1956. Married 1. Florence Ada Yates on 16/12/1893 at Harborne, Staffordshire.
Their children:
  • Firenze Neeve Wilson-Haffenden  1895-1896
  • Catherine Mary Wilson-Haffenden 1896-1896
  • Florence Cecilia Wilson-Haffenden born 16/11/1898 Holborn died 1989. Occ. Teacher
  • James Rhodes Wilson-Haffenden born 16/11/1898 Holborn died 1932
Florence died in 1898 and James married 2. Edith Maud Carruthers.
They had the following children:
  • Edith Wilson-Haffenden born 1904 Croydon. Married Frederick Klouman in 1934
  • Elizabeth Wilson-Haffenden born 13/4/1906 Croydon. Teacher and theatre designer/artist
  • Wallace Wilson-Haffenden born 1907 Croydon. Married Betty Hawke in 1938
  • Philip Allan Wilson-Haffenden born 24/4/1914. Married Doreen Irwin in 1949. Went into business with his brother Wallace after WWII. Mayor of Deal 1972-1973. Died 2006 aged 92.
  • Lawrence Alfred Wilson-Haffenden born 27/5/1873 Tenterden, Kent.  Minister with the Baptist Church. From 1921-1925 was Pastor of Sittingbourne Baptist Church. Died 1954 aged 81. Married 1. Mary Folkard in 1894. Their children are:
    • Clive Lewis Wilson-Haffenden born 1896 London. Served in WWI. Emigrated to Australia in 1923, settled in Tasmania died there 1954.
    • Eric Lawrence Wilson-Haffenden born 1898 London
    • Donald James Wilson-Haffenden born 1901 Stroud, Gloucestershire
    • Joyce Mary Wilson-Haffenden born 1905 Sidcup, Kent
Married 2. Elsie Vinson. They had no children.
  • Catherine Mary Wilson-Haffenden born 1875 London died 1885
  • Charlotte Jane Wilson-Haffenden born 1877 Tenterden, Kent
8. William Bapt 22/6/1816 at Stillington died 1854 aged 37 years buried 10/3/1854 at Stillington.
9. Anne bapt 3/7/1818 at Stillington. Married Arthur Huband on 1/8/1850 at Stillington. Their one child:
  • Caroline Harriet Huband born 1851 Dublin, Ireland died 1928 Bournemouth
10. Anna Maria bapt 15/7/1820 at Stillington. Married Mortimer O' Brien in 1864. Died 1894 at Wetherby and buried 1/12/1894 at Stillington.
11. Marianne bapt 16/5/1823 at Stillington. Died 16/6/1899 at Dublin. Married Captain George Huband, formerly of the 8th Hussars, on 1/5/1844 at Stillington. Their four children are:
  • William George Huband born 1845 Dublin. Died 1912.
  1910: living 39 Mount Street, Dublin
  • Hugo Richard Huband born 1/5/1862 Dublin died 1940 aged 77. Married Adelaide Darley in 1893.
Their four children:
  • Joan Mary Huband born 20/8/1894 Dublin. Married Gilbert Ashton in 1921.
Their Children:
  • Patricia Ashton born 1922
  • Barbara Ashton born 1924
  • Elizabeth Ashton born 1927
  • Susan Ashton born 1929
  • Anita Marian Huband born 16/7/1896 Dublin. Married Robert McAndrew, a farmer, in 1927.
Their children:
  • Penelope McAndrew born 1932
  • Nicholas McAndrew born 1934
  • George Darley Huband born 1898 Dublin. Served with the Royal Garrison Artillery during WWI. Awarded the Military Cross.
  • Ralph Croft Huband born 19/6/1902 Dublin. Died 1964. Married Rose Corry in 1931. Headteacher.
Their children:
  • Susanne Huband born 1933 Hemel Hempstead
  • Elizabeth Huband born 1936 Hemel Hempstead
  • Richard Huband born 1939 Hemel Hempstead
  • Fanny Harriet Augusta Huband born 1846 Dublin
  • Georgina Maria Louisa Huband born 1850 Dublin

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